Who is CFPMAN?


Who is CFPMAN ?

CFPMAN = Carbon Footprint of Products MAN
The root of Global Environmental problems are our Lifestyle. The goods & services energy that we consume every day. To solve this problem, it is important view things with a Life Cycle Perspective and many standards are being built. Among that, Carbon Footprint focuses on Climate Change and measures the Life Cycle CO2 Emission of a Product. CFPMAN is a HERO that strives to prevent global warming and will only use Carbon Footprint products, spreading Life Cycle Thinking.

The Challenge of CFPMAN

2012/8/20 17:00:00 - 2012/8/27 16:59:59 ( 1 Week )

CFPMAN will obey the following rules and will only use verified carbon footprint products. He shall calculate the Life Cycle impacts of his life and will make efforts to reduce his carbon Emissions.
Currently available Japanese Carbon Footprint products can be seen at the following site.



  1. CFPMAN may use the room he is given.
  2. Support members(Judge men/women) may hand CFPMAN CFP products that were either donated or purchased from the market
  3. CFPMAN may use utilities of the room (Electricity, Water, Waste Collection)
  4. CFPMAN may go outside of the room
  5. CFPMAN may make use of natural things such as vegitation


  1. CFPMAN may not touch any man made "products" that are not verified carbon footprint products.
    This excludes instruments used for recording, panels and printed materials for explanation and calculation, health checks communicating(situations set by the board ), receiving presentations and facilities that were provided as part of the room.
  2. CFPMAN may not use any services that are not CFP verified.


  1. A CFP Product includes packaging, accessories if they were part of the calculation
  2. CFPMAN must calculate the CO2 Emissions of the products and utilities he uses
  3. CFPMAN must take regular health checks during the challenge
  4. If a judge man decides that there are Health Risks to CFPMAN he/she shall order CFPMAN to stop his challenge and CFPMAN must obey those orders
  5. CFPMAN can give up the challenge by himself
  6. CFPMAN may use electrical appliances(e.g. refrigerator) only if the product carbon footprint had been calculated with that included as a scenario
  7. These rules may change

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